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About Us

We are not one of the big HR consultancies and this is important, for you as a potential client to recognize and the benefits that this has for you. We will not simply pick a solution 'off the shelf' for your organization, but will take the time to discover and understand what your organization truly needs. Fusion will then undertake individual design and delivery of high quality HR solutions and consultancy which has been specifically customized and focused to your organisations requirements.

As a result of professional experience we have gained across key HR and management areas within many sectors, across many years, Fusion HR Solutions are able to successfully provide an important bridge between international financial institutions (IFIs) and commercial markets… all because we are genuinely interested in the clients we work with and the difference they make.

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Jean-Baptiste Jugand, (FCIPD), is specialised in international reward with experience in board level compensation and remuneration committees including short and long term incentive plan and benefits design. 

Sheila Bates, (CEDR), accredited mediator and international human resources professional with experience in dispute resolution and human resources strategy and implementation. 

Louise Richards, (CIPD), a Human Resources professional, with extensive experience within financial services in both International Financial Institutions and the private sector.

Julia Kemp, a financial services reward specialist with experience in the UK and international markets and with a strong background in analytics and systems.