In early 2016, Fusion HR was created by 4 colleagues, who during extensive and varied HR careers, had all spent 10 years working together at a leading IFI headquartered in London.

After leaving and going our separate ways - working across development and commercial organisations, we regrouped and identified we had something special to offer as a quartet.

We recognised there was a unique opportunity to partner with organisations looking for a fresh, pragmatic approach to HR and therefore offer our combined diverse skills and experience through Fusion HR.

Clients retain us for our unique combination of western and emerging markets knowledge and expertise (Asia, South East Asia, Pacific Islands, Russia, Caucasus, Middle East and Africa) and our outcomes-based approach.

Vision & Mission

Fusion HR's vision is to create a world of work that is fair, efficient, agile and empowering for all.

We do this through providing human resources, facilitation and management consultancy service in:

  • Gender & Diversity
  • Reward
  • Consultancy & Strategy