Fusion HR Solutions - Organisational Design & Development

Organisational Design & Development

Our approach is one of curiosity and dialogue about your business and your commercial and other objectives. We partner with you to understand how your organisational set up and structures are aligned with your business goals. We offer advice and guidance about how to get the best out of your available resources and how to plan for future growth and resilience.

Fusion HR Solutions - Facilitated Dialogue and Mediation

Learning & Coaching

We work with you to identify those skills and abilities required within your business to meet your financial, productivity, sustainability targets, your service levels and employee engagement. We design and deliver bespoke training and other learning initiatives to bridge skills gaps and build capability in your teams, including group and individual coaching.
Fusion HR Solutions - Learning & Coaching

Facilitated Dialogue & Mediation

We offer bespoke coaching and facilitation to support clients on development and alignment of strategy, effective working practices and processes as well as action plans to meet business goals. We provide mediation to facilitate constructive dialogue to identify and help resolve the root causes of discord. We do this by providing a framework for those involved to find their own solutions to the discord. Our Mediators are CEDR accredited.